Thursday, April 03, 2008

Export contacts from Blackberry to Nokia

I had to transfer contacts from an Blackberry (BB) to an Nokia

I tried to copy the address book in BB to SIM card and transfer them to the Nokia, but that option is not available in BB, its only the other way from SIM to address book.

Nokia PC Suite doesn't have an option to import CSV, XLS file either.

After little bit of research on the web, got an simple solution which works :-)

As the BB contacts are synced with Outlook, I had to export the contacts to VCF file

"Export Outlook 2003 Contacts as vCards"
Microsoft does not offer an 'Export as vCard' function in Outlook 2003 (simply dragging and dropping contacts into a Desktop folder results in .msg files), there is a workaround:
Select all contacts in Outlook
Click Actions -> Forward vCard
Select all of the attached vcf files in the resulting email message and drag to a folder on your Desktop, or simply send the email to yourself.
That's it - the vcf files are ready.

Now open Nokia PC Suite, connect Nokia 6300 to the USB port
Open Phone Browser and go to Contacts
Now Copy and Paste the VCF files in earlier step to the Contacts folder.

Problem I faces is, duplicate contacts are not overwritten, one more contact is added, thus causing duplication of contacts, so deleted all contacts from Nokia phone and copied all BB contacts.

Just copy and paste works mate... ;-)

27 comments: said...

that was informative - but I want to transfer contacts from my 6300 to BB pearl - the problem if I copy it to SIm card is that I have multiple entries per name (mobile, office,home fax etc. ) all these entries comes duplicated as name1, name2 etc.

Any solution. I don't want to reenter all my contacts.... (shudder)


atleta said...

Same thing here. Exporting/imorting contacts from/to nokia phones is quite easy. You just browse to the Contacts folder using the PC Suite and copy the individual contact files. However I can't see anything like that on the blackberry. Actually this beast doesn't even support browsing over obex like the nokia phones.

This could be solved with a relatively simple java application. I wonder if somebody did it already. (Probably not, I was just googling for it when I got here :) )

Alex said...

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finbref said...

I just tried to copy contacts from BlackBerry 8110 Pearl to Nokia E71. worked wonderful. Great, thanks!

Lici said...

Thank you! Just switched from BB to Nokia and couldn't figure it out. Nokia's options only offered transfer from one Nokia to another, and BlackBerry offered from another device to it, but not from it to another device.

The Nokia PC Suite Help function did mention it would accept csv, txt and vcf files, but I didn't think of syncing to Outlook to get the vcf files.

Gagan Singh said...

i have taken back up from my blackberry to my outlook but i cant find any option saying action>forward v card. plz help1

Anonymous said...

Thanks H. for the tips,

I too have been trying to save a user's contacts before he leaves the organization - and so far I've found nothing. So your post was very interesting, but can you explain how I can export the contacts to VCF file - by the way I am connected through a Lotus Notes account and Outlook does this make a difference?

Hope someone can advice

medasbabu said...

@Hari To transfer contacts from Nokia to Blackberry you can check my other posting at this link -

Anonymous said...

Very informative. I brought a new Nokia E71x and trasnferred the contacts from BB to Outlook and then again i used the Nokia PC suite to synchronize again from outlook. Thanks for the lead

Mike said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's a great post. It worked for me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thansk for info. I just took the Sim out of the BB and put it in the Nokia. Then I tool the option on the Nokia to copy contacts from SIM to phone. Then I put back the original SIM card into the Nokia and said copy from phone to SIM so everything would be saved. At first it seemed that I had doubled the contacts but to fix all I did was tell it to show SIM only in the contacts settings and it works fine.

LettiME said...

Hi there!!!
You have saved at least 20hours of cell nr. writing by hand! Even my company IT guy said that this is not possibble!
I did it as you said and now everything is up and running!! SOOOOO HELPFULL!!!!

LettiME said...

(sim to card did not worked for me as sim card is limited and I had over 600 contacts....)

medasbabu said...

Glad to know that it worked for you, thx for letting me know.

Ravinder said...

hi its not working for me i want to copy my contents from My BB curve 8320 to E71 plz help i m using Windows XP & Desktop Manager v5.0.1

Yashodhan said...

hello MR.Basu.i want to exchange my Nokia E72 wid a Blackberry curve.i want to exchange contacts on both the phones makin sure none is deleted.kindly suggest me something.thank u

medasbabu said...

@Yashodhan - To transfer contacts from Nokia to Blackberry you can check my other posting at this link -


Boring Baccha said...

search for a software called magicberry. It converts blackberry backup file (.ipd format) to csv, VCF and even txt

I hope that'd help

Anonymous said...

I need to transfer my contacts from BB bold 9000 to Nokia E7.

I cannot find anywhere how ???

I have created a backup file with only contacts in the .Pid Format.

Now what?

Anonymous said...

If a person does nt have nokia pc suit and does nt have data cable of BB then how to transfer the contacts directly to the nokia .as there is option in bluetooth menu> paired devices> transfer contacts... How can I transfer via bluetooth

niravcnn said...

How would i convert .ipd file to .vcf, i spent more than 5days to search it out, found your blog answering, please help :(


ytm2014 said...

just transfered my contact to my from my bb bold to my nokia N8.... good job man!

bold scene said...

nice tut.. helped me right now

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

it simply worked..

thnks a tonne